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Definition of Athlete's Entrepreneurial Mind-Set Materiality


The project will collaboratively define the materiality of an athlete's entrepreneurial mindset. This phase involves active participation from all project partners with diverse experiences and roles. The results of this phase will significantly influence the content and direction of the project's outcomes.

Development of Modern

Digital Training Materials

The project will create modern digital training materials aimed at fostering an Entrepreneurial Mind-Set among athletes. These materials will cover essential aspects such as decisiveness, confidence, initiative, curiosity, goal setting, self-motivation, resilience, time management, and teamwork. These resources will equip athletes with the skills needed to succeed both in their sports careers and as entrepreneurs, aligning with EC recommendations on Entrepreneurship education.

Concept of SportEntre Ambassadors and Digital Networking Platform

The project will train the first group of Ambassadors and establish a digital networking platform that aims to attract at least 200 initial members. SportEntre Ambassadors will play a crucial role in motivating athletes within their organizations to embrace entrepreneurship. They will motivate the target group to use digital training materials and actively engage in the network to maximize athlete benefits from project resources.

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