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Erasmus+ Sport Project

About project

The SportEntre project has a clear goal of facilitating the implementation of the EU Guidelines for Dual Careers of Athletes by promoting an entrepreneurial mindset, targeting both current and retired athletes.

The SportEntre project is designed to instill an entrepreneurial mindset in athletes through e-learning courses and instructional videos. Athletes will have the opportunity to develop skills in decisiveness, resilience, initiative, curiosity, goal setting, motivation, priority management, and more.


In addition to empowering athletes, SportEntre offers specialized training for ambassadors, motivating them to embark on entrepreneurial endeavors of their own. This comprehensive approach aims to create a community of athletes who are well-equipped to thrive in the world of entrepreneurship.

SportEntre's mission is to foster a culture of innovation and initiative within the sports community, enabling individuals to leverage their skills and experiences for entrepreneurial success.


Targeting Athletes

The SportEntre's primary focus is on active and retired elite and Paralympic athletes who face unique challenges related to their dual careers. The project aims to provide them with tailored resources and support to develop an entrepreneurial mindset.


SportEntre offers freely accessible materials to anyone within the sports system, including amateurs, seniors, and enthusiasts. This inclusivity allows individuals from various backgrounds and age groups to benefit from the entrepreneurial mindset training.

Broad Applicability

The project acknowledges that the Entrepreneurial Mind-Set is valuable not only in elite sports but also in various aspects of life. SportEntre's materials and resources can be applied in the smallest sporting activities, making them relevant and beneficial to a wide range of individuals and situations.

Winning Mind-Set

SportEntre recognizes that the entrepreneurial mindset shares common elements with the winning mind-set found in sports. By leveraging these parallels, the project aims to empower individuals to excel not only in entrepreneurship but also in their athletic pursuits, no matter how modest or significant they may be.

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